“In depth knowledge of the subject-matter guarantees rapid processing and allows for an optimal
IP protection.”

We are your experienced partners in every major field of technology.

Our patent attorneys and professionals are chemists, biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, physicists and engineers. They have comprehensive knowledge in the fields in which they specialize – and form a know-how pool with professional cooperation between disciplines.

Our expertise guarantees rapid, reliable understanding of our clients’ problems and optimum utilization of the potential inherent in their inventions and innovations. The experience, competence and commitment of our office is well-coordinated with current developments.

Kraus & Weisert maintains extensive expert knowledge in modern areas such as biotechnology, computer software and information and communication technology, as evidenced by our ample project experience in those patent areas.

Our clients can rely on Kraus & Weisert for outstanding patent law services and support.

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European Patent Office
German Patent and Trademark Office
Federal Patents Court Federal
Supreme Court
German Civil Courts

Actively supporting

Preparation of expert opinions
Licensing negotiations and the drafting of licensing agreements
Development of patenting strategies
Advising clients on all questions relating to intellectual property protection

Fields of expertise

Biology and biotechnology

Biotechnology-related intellectual property matters have a long tradition at Kraus & Weisert and there is hardly any field in the life sciences which has been marked by such rapid scientific …


Chemistry and pharmaceutics

Kraus & Weisert provides a full range of technical skills and experience in all fields of chemistry, pharmacy or materials science, from pharmaceuticals and commodity chemicals, to semi-conductors …

Information technology and software

Software-related inventions are an integral part of today’s patent system. Over the recent years, the legal provisions concerning software patents have evolved: Today, it is possible to obtain …

Electrical engineering and electronics

Developments in electronics are often driven by specific use cases and application scenarios. Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) efficiently handle computational tasks …


Mechanical engineering and optics

While the development in mechanical engineering has been going on for centuries, there are still many innovations in this technical field. From mass-market components in the automotive …

Start-up companies

Using patent filings can help your start-up both from a business perspective, as well as strategically. Preventing others from practicing your invention can be a key part in long-term sustainable business models. For example, providing licenses for applications  …

China desk

Some of China's big players in the electronics and telecommunication field have already successfully established their European presence. Now, they are being followed: there is a second-wave of mostly mid-sized Chinese companies entering the European market. …

Trademarks and designs

Product design and brands may be equally important as technical innovations for commercial success. Kraus & Weisert's trademark and design team assists its clients in obtaining trade-mark and design protection. …

Apart from patents, we also obtain protective rights in other sensitive service areas for our clients.

Kraus & Weisert supports clients in the registration of trademarks, design rights and all copyright matters. Intellectual and creative achievements that make their effect in the emotional and psychological areas may well be crucial factors for your company’s success. They create individuality and originality in brand presentation – a source of opportunity for the future.

For its clients, Kraus & Weisert strives to obtain the best possible differentiation against competitors and effective protection against plagiarism. The registration of design rights or trademarks, be they in word, picture or some other form, ensures that our clients benefit from their own creativity and that no-one takes advantage of their ideas.

Our task is to assist our clients when making such applications in Germany and all over Europe.

“Long-term assurance of originality and individuality – through strong legal protection.”